Our Mission

Helping You Develop A Natural Hair Routine, One head At a Time.


 how to grow natural hair

MEET THE CEO OF NTM! Kealah Hodge.

As a woman with natural hair for almost 6 years now, I have learned so much through trial and error. The main thing that I'm starting to notice is a lot of women have little guidance on developing a natural hair routine. Have you ever thought about starting your natural hair routine or natural hair journey and you went to look for guidance online, etc? I remember when I first started my natural hair journey, I had to watch tons of videos, read so many blogs and pages. It was a while before I realized I needed a natural hair routine and consistency to see a real dramatic change in the length of my natural hair.

 Here at NTM, I pride myself on teaching women of all ages to develop an effective natural hair routine. I tell you the truth about what it takes to grow your natural hair and develop that hair routine that will be the most beneficial to your hair type. There are so many natural hair pages but, I start you from scratch. In my natural hair routine video, I explain the natural hair routine I developed that grew my hair to waist length. I give you step-by-step instructions.

 I started this NTM movement to teach those who just don’t know where to start when developing a natural hair routine or have started but need that extra guidance to give their hair an extra push. We love our hair and our hair loves us!

I started a blog, Youtube, Pinterest ETC because I will show women how to develop the best natural hair routine one head at a time.