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There is only one direction to go when developing a natural hair care routine. For starters if you have damaged hair you need to figure out what you could be doing in your hair care routine to cause the damage and discontinue that. You then will need to develop a natural hair care routine that works for your hair. In this template I give you the basics on what is needed to develop a natural hair care routine.


There are many things you should not be doing to your hair when starting your journey. You should reframe from

  • using too much heat,
  • bleach on the hair,
  • tight styles,
  • over dryness of the hair, 
  • sew-in with leave out,
  • chemicals and relaxers,
  • sleeping without protection
  • using products with silicone 

How to grow natural hair routine quick guide

Start your natural hair routine today


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I really liked the video and found it quite informative! I am ordering the Rice Water, too.

Beverly Ann Ross Normand

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