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As a young girl, I've always admired women with beautiful curly hair. I never thought that was something I could achieve with my hair. I went years damaging my hair with relaxers, heat, tight styles, and more.

It wasn't until the winter of 2015, I was working in my hometown at an auto insurance company on the south side of Chicago. I was in the office with my African American co-worker Cherissa whose hair I've always admired. She had beautiful long natural hair. I begin to ask her questions, "is that your real hair"? "Were you born with this hair? "How can I get my hair like that"? Id ask. She looked at me and simply said stop relaxing your hair. Just like that, I realized I could have been natural my whole life.

Soon after I big chopped my hair and begin my journey. I was able to grow my hair to waist length. I begin to get questions from my friends and family about how I got my hair long and curly. I often hear women say "I'd never be able to get my hair like that" or "my hair is too nappy". Those statements really triggered and made me sad because I knew exactly what it was like to believe your hair is nappy, hard to manage, and short.

Realizing so many women are once like I was and didn't think their hair could be beautiful and grow long, in 2019 I created TheNaturalTrueMe. The Natural True Me mission is to prove that women of color can achieve beautiful, long natural hair by teaching women to develop a natural hair routine while supplying clean hair growth products that cater to black hair.


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Name: Kealah 

Born: Chicago

Natural Since: 2015

Cosmetology Student 2023